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Cheyenne River Animal Hospital

Dr. Stephanie Stevens
Dr. Erica Koller

202 10th Avenue
PO Box 536
Edgemont, SD 57735


Clinic Hours are Monday thru Saturday. Please call for an appoinment.

veterinary medicine logoLicensed in the states of:
South Dakota Wyoming Nebraska


groomingThe New Year always brings “Resolutions/Changes.” The year 2003 was no different when Dr. Stephanie Stevens wanted to offer Pet Grooming as another service at CRAH. The question was “Where can I find a groomer?”  An employee, Lorinda Stoddard, decided to check into what it took to become certified in the field and found a correspondence course based out of Rapid City, SD. By April 2003, she had completed the “Basics and Beyond Grooming Course” and was able to offer this service locally.

Grooming should be an important nail trimpart of your pet’s daily routine. It is even more important if they have longer hair. This time spent with your pet not only gives you the pleasure of enjoying time with them, it also gives you the opportunity to look for other medical problems. Be on the alert for sores, rashes, bald spots, lumps, etc. When found early, many of these require minimal care to remedy them.


grooming before and afterIf you have a dog or cat that requires a special style to suit you, it’s time to use our grooming service. We offer complete grooming on Thursday’s. This will give your pet the opportunity to have a bath, toe nail trim, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed when necessary and a nice haircut and/or brushing topped off by a bow on their collar. We also offer flea and tick treatments when necessary and because we offer grooming in house, other medical problems found during that time, can be addressed by one of the veterinarians.

We can do some of the simple things during our regular office hours, like toe nail trims, expressing anal glands, or clipping away small matted areas. Scheduling of regular grooming for your pet usually prevents them from having to see the veterinarian for these details. We recommend bringing them in about every 6–8 weeks.

Some suggestions for grooming at home include brushing daily with a slicker brush or wide toothed comb. We do not recommend using an undercoat rake or de-matting comb without some training on their use. These can cause discomfort for your pet if not used properly. You can also trim their toenails if you are careful to not get too short and cause them to bleed. Anal glands can be a problem in smaller breed dogs and occasionally in cats. If trained properly, you can express them yourself; however it is a smelly job and why not let the groomer do it for you? 

Mats are a common problem in long haired breeds.  It is important to keep them from forming, so daily brushing is a must. A mat will cause the hair to pull on the skin and can cause a sore place under them. NEVER remove mats with a scissors!  It is too easy to cut the skin, creating a wound on your pet. If you must remove a mat at home, please use a clipper. Sometimes our life gets busy, not allowing us to give our pet the full attention required. If the mats get out of hand, we can easily give your pet a short haircut and then as they grow out, you can get back in the habit of brushing regularly.

Our pets are very loyal and great companions to us.  It’s nice to know they require little from us to make their lives memorable, happy ones.